Gamer Bars, Something We Need More Of

The gaming community, contrary to popular belief, is a very social community that rivals the competitive nature of any group of sports fans. This is my main case for for the rise of the gamer bar.

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The competitive gaming market is growing rapidly, in-fact  it’s blowing up. Major League Gaming is seeing a viewership rise that has surpassed 10 million. Big prizes are at stake, not to mention a chance to have the ultimate bragging rights. These competitions are intense and are won or lost based strategy. Often, a competition will come down to the wire, the deciding factor could come down to one kill, this stuff is addicting.

We stock pile our favorite snacks, grab some drinks and immediately become immersed into our favorite gaming competition. We pick apart the strategies of the pros and we try to employ their techniques in our own gameplay. We are after all, a new generation, a generation of gamers, and we love everything about gaming.

We are very passionate about our games, you only need to head to the nearest game store on a game release night to see fans queued up in the cold and rain, waiting patiently as they discuss everything from strategy to artwork with other fellow gamers. There’s no doubt in my mind that the idea of a social gaming establishment will catch on in more communities as time goes on.

Some have already jumped into the game (pun intended), places like the AFK TavernBattle and Brew and EXP offer a place to have a drink and rack up your DKP. Tournament nights, geek trivia, tournament broadcasts and other MLG broadcasts, all coupled together with good food, brews and friends is simply amazing.

Many people will travel great distances just to have a good time and watch a tournament, but they shouldn’t have to. Hopefully these establishments will catch on, so this kind of experience can reach fans in their hometown.



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