Featured App: Berzerk Ball 2

Warning, this is a highly addictive game that will make you keep playing until you can score as many points as possible. The GEEK is back in Berzerk Ball 2 and it has never been more fun to smash something over and over again while racking up points and experience.

This game is pretty straightforward, go as far as you possibly can by beating the internet Geek over and over. You can customize your Geek then customize your character to beat him with. Along the way you will gain points and experience that you can then use to increase the power of your weapons and learn new moves. As you continue you level up you will also become much stronger allowing you to blast the Geek even farther.

BerzerkerBallSS1 BerzerkerBallSS2 BerzerkerBall2SS3

Berzerk Ball 2 is really well made and offers a ton of reasons to keep playing, including unlocking new attacks and forging items to make better weapons. The artwork is fantastic, the music is epic and you will likely find yourself playing a lot longer than you thought you would. Once I began to play, I seriously spent about an hour playing and trying to level up my other characters The game just gets more and more interesting as you continue to play.

The best part about this game is you don’t have to play it alone. You can invite your Facebook friends to join you on your quest to blast the Geek all the way into oblivion!

You can play the game directly in your web browser by visiting BubbleBox or by downloading it for a Free for a limited time from the App Store and Google Play.

Thanks to Mooky for reminding me that this games exists !


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  1. Mooky

    Been loving the game. Working on Bed then one more and all my hitters will be maxed. A fun break from the geek “laughing at you in binary” are the challenge modes. Fun, yet challenging due to time restraints.


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