Yahoo Mail Gets A Makeover


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Yahoo mail has just been redesigned and it’s looking really good. The new look isn’t just on the web either it’s also translating to your mobile devices as well. Yahoo mail has been a bit behind other mail services like Gmail for a while now and it’s refreshing to see Yahoo reinvest some time into making it’s mail application a little more appealing.

The first thing you will undoubtedly notice is that there is a lot less clutter. One big feature of a good UI design is when it lets the content shine and basically stays out of the way. The new Yahoo mail does exactly that. Right away I can see only two tabs, inbox and contacts. The tabs are a nice size and located in an convenient  area of the screen. Folders and applications are tucked away nicely and collapsable, settings are easy to find and navigate through. Yahoo now looks very good on mobile devices as well and no matter which device you’re using, the experience should be the same. All Yahoo mail apps have been updated to feature this new look, including the Windows 8 app.


The new design is a success and I’m glad to see that many companies are taking this newer, cleaner approach to apps that we use everyday to get things done, like mail apps and audio libraries like iTunes, which also just recently got a new look. Microsoft attempted a similar move earlier this year by transitioning Hotmail into Outlook. The new Outlook was also re-designed, not just to fit in with Windows 8 but to also to make it a better fit on mobile devices as well.



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