jOBS Gets Criticism From Wozniak

The latest scene from the new movie about Steve Jobs, jOBS, is now making it’s way around the web and as interesting as it is, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, says it’s totally wrong. In a conversation with Gizmodo, Woz goes on to mention that the scene we see here in the clip above, never even happened and that the personalities are way off.

He continued on in an email to say this:

“Totally wrong. Personalities and where the ideas of computers affecting society did not come from Jobs. They inspired me and were widely spoken at the Homebrew Computer Club. Steve came back from Oregon and came to a club meeting and didn’t start talking about this great social impact. His idea was to make a $20 PC board and sell it for $40 to help people at the club build the computer I’d given away. Steve came from selling surplus parts at HalTed he always saw a way to make a quick buck off my designs (this was the 5th time).

The lofty talk came much further down the line.

I never looked like a professional. We were both kids. Our relationship was so different than what was portrayed. I’m embarrassed but if the movie is fun and entertaining, all the better. Anyone who reads my book iWoz can get a clearer picture.” 

It’s no surprise that hollywood got the details wrong and often they change things up to make something work on film a little better, but this is just a little silly. You want to be in the ballpark not out in the parking lot when it comes to bringing a true story to life. It makes you wonder why they didn’t utilize a bit of consultation before solidifying the script. Just getting the clothing right would have been nice.

With all of that being said, I don’t want to completely trash a film that I have only seen one clip of. It’s nice to see that a story like this is being brought to hollywood, despite it’s flaws. Not only is this story interesting but it’s inspiring and that’s something a lot of today’s films just don’t offer. Although I can’t help but see Ashton as Kelso at times, he does seem to pull off the look of Steve Jobs in the early days pretty well. Despite Wozniak’s comments I would still like to watch the film in it’s entirety.



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