Product Review: Retractable Car Charger for iPhone

With all of our smart phones and devices made to be our everything, we can’t have them dying on the road. Most people use car chargers nowadays, and recently my last one broke so I was in the market for a new one. The last one I owned had a long cord and when I wasn’t using it just got in the way or tangled up when trying to put it away.

I thought this retractable car charger was a great idea so I had to get it. With it’s neat retractable cord there’s no wires hanging all over the car and in the way, and prevents tangles. Another nice feature about this device is that there’s an extra USB port, which can be used to hook up many other usb powered devices or to charge two devices at once. There’s also plenty of cord to go around at a total length of 90cm.

The bottom line is it’s a great charger, especially for the price and I haven’t found anything about it I don’t like. If you are looking for a great iPhone charger at a good price, I recommend this one.

For more details on this charger and to purchase, go to or if you’re looking for other iPhone 5 chargers.


Retractable CarCharger


High performance circuit prevents over charging

Elegant stylish design with compact size

Retractable cable to avoid mess and tangles

Input 12V-24V for any vehicle

Extra USB charges two devices at once

90cm the length of the wire

Blue LED indicator when working



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