BlizzCon 2013 Official Date Set


In case you missed it, BlizzCon is back and will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9, 2013 in Anaheim, California. Hopefully you will be able to get tickets to go as they usually sell out in seconds. If you can’t be there you can always watch online for a small fee, something that I’m sure will be available this year as well.

The last BlizzCon (2011) was pretty awesome and they even closed out the show with the Foo Fighters! Can they top that this year? Who knows, but I’m hoping to hear more about project “Titan” and I’m  always just generally curious as to what Blizzard is going to be doing next. You know what would be really strange? A Blizzard FPS style game. That would be interesting; even more interesting would be if it was also brought to consoles. You can read the official press release for more details.


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  1. Mayscela

    when I came in was: OMG I WILL COME BACK TO WOW . As for me? maybe but the thing -I- cannot wait is Diablo 3 ctloeclor’s edition. There will be shiney wingz I am almost going over my disdain for their make money out of in game stuff mechanic. Who am I kidding, I already did. Yes I am ashamed of myself but but butbutWINGZ!


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