The Next Generation Xbox, We Have Questions


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We are now only one day away from Microsoft’s May 21st event that will begin at 10 AM PDT on Xbox Live, and Spike TV.  This event is where the next generation Xbox is to be unveiled and of course we are all just filled with anticipation and feeling anxious as we await any new details about the PS4’s competition. If you haven’t already you can check out Major Nelson’s latest podcast which will fill you in a bit on how things are going come together in the next few weeks for Xbox.

Here’s few questions to get us thinking about the next-gen Xbox:

Many Xbox fans are hoping that the new Xbox isn’t “Online Only” and there are a few rumors that say it won’t be and hopefully that’s the case. I think a console that locks you into online only mode at this point in time is self destructive, I don’t think that the gaming community is ready for that yet.

Will Microsoft include a Blu-Ray player in the Xbox (infinity, 720)? There’s no way to know unless they tell us but I’m rooting for “yes”, because it makes sense and it would be nice to have the extra benefits of being able to play Blu-Ray movies on your console along with having the extra capacity for gaming media.

Will there be Skype integration? This would be a great social feature to add into the mix and I hope it makes it’s way in. Besides, Skype and Microsoft are now one in the same.

Will there be Solid State Drives? I haven’t heard any rumors on this but it would be really nice to have an SSD onboard especially with an increased focus on downloadable content. Faster load times and just overall better performance, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

What about a new version of Kinect, what will it look like and how will it be integrated? Some rumors say it will be built into the console itself. If you missed our earlier post you can check out Illumiroom, which is an augmented reality device that projects images around your television and it works with Kinect technology. This could very well be an accessory for the new Xbox.

Finally, what will it look like and what will be under the hood? Will Microsoft show off the goods? How much muscle with the new console have and will it best the PS4?  Maybe we will see a console this time, Sony has yet to show us the PS4’s hardware, which is kind of a let down, even though it probably shouldn’t matter but heck, we want to see it!

Be sure to check back with us as we will be rolling out a rundown of the next-gen Xbox in the days to come.



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