Featured App: Snapguide


Do you know how to do something and you want to share it with the world? Perhaps, you just want to learn something new. This is where an awesome app called Snapguide comes into play.

It’s never been easier to put together or find a guide for doing something so quickly and so easily. Snapguide is a polished, mobile-focused app that helps you put together your own how-to’s in a flash, on your iPad or iPhone. Putting together instructions, photos, and videos to create a clean and easy-to-use how-to has really never been easier.

This app is so intuitive and fun to use that it actually encourages you to create more content, which is inspiring and ultimately, it makes the app an altogether richer experience.


Snapguide is built for mobile and it’s elegantly simple and well thought out. This app is such a powerful tool, especially since you can bring it with you anywhere, create the guides you want and share on-the-go. This also creates a very unique how-to experience that adds a bit of your personality to what you create, a bit like Youtube but faster, more concise and a lot more mobile.

Not into making how-to’s? Not a problem, there is a ton of content available that you could spend hours browsing through. Snapguide is full of great how-to guides that teach you how to do everything from baking cookies to creating art or even learning how to spot knock off brand shoes. It really is a wealth of useful information and what’s even better is that it’s totally free.

You can download Snapguide for iPad and iPhone here.


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