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Upon putting together some posts for older computers we realized that it may be helpful to access this website from one of those older machines. There is a bit of a problem however with newer websites on older machines, they just don’t work properly. There is just too much going on for older machines to process and even if the hardware is up to the task, the browser will likely not be.

There are also times where your connection speed may be less than optimal, perhaps in a deserted  post-apocalyptic town that has become overrun with zombies. In both of these circumstances a “basic” version of our website would be most useful. Enter GeekwithEnvy Classic.

The new subdomain is currently in beta and has very little content and is very incomplete, but we will be updating the site regularly. Currently, GWE Classic will only feature specific content from the main site, mostly things that pertain to older machines including, how-to’s, older software and guides.

The link to GeekwithEnvy Classic will be at the bottom of our this site in the site navigation menu. To access GWE Classic directly, head to

Hope you find it useful!  (Suggestions on Content are Welcome) E-mail suggestions to


-GWE Team-



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