VGHS Season 2 is a Go!

With over 10,000 backers and over $800,000 pledged, Video Game High school (VGHS) will be creating a season 2. VGHS season 2 will be directed by Matt Arnold and Freddie Wong with actions sequences co-directed by Brandon Laatsch. Each episode in season 2 will feature TV length episodes, approximately 22-25 minutes in length, which is a change up from season one’s shorter, more compact episodes.

Video Game High School is a series set in an alternate reality where professional video gaming becomes the biggest spectator sport in the world. It follows Brian D, an aspiring pro gamer who lands an invitation to VGHS, the most prestigious gaming academy in the world. Think Hogwarts, but instead of spells and magic wands, it’s headshots and IBM Model M keyboards!

You can catch up by watching the entire first season along with other great videos at RocketJump , a home for the collective creative content surrounding Freddie W, Matt Arnold, and their partners.

Freddie Wong and company are also known for making amazing content on his Youtube channel freddiew, which has millions and millions of views. If you haven’t seen anything they’ve made (you would essentially have to had never used youtube before to avoid it) then I highly recommend you check it out.

Here is their kickstarter video:


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