Tested, A Whole Lot of Geekery

TestedLogo As a geek, I spend a lot of time not only creating and compiling content for our site but also enjoying content from others as well and today I thought I would take a moment to share with you one of my favorite places to visit on the web.

Tested.com is a website that covers technology, science, art and basically just awesome and geeky stuff in general. Tested was created by Will Smith and Norman Chan and now features Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from MythBusters. I am big fan of MythBusters and basically anything Adam and Jamie do in general. So you could only imagine that I would be extremely excited to see their involvement in the content of Tested.

The website isn’t the only content you can get from Tested, they also have a great YouTube page that is filled with great videos which range from getting a hands on look at the latest electronics, to going Inside Adam Savage’s Cave where you can witness the creative genius in action as he creates something amazing from nothing. Want to see the Hyneman in his natural habitat? Now you can by watching Inside Jaime’s Shop.

So, if you can’t seem to get enough geekery in your life ( and honestly, who couldn’t use a little more?) check out Tested.




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