Featured App: ILoveFilm

Looking for an iPad app that acts as a small light box for tracing?

I discovered ILoveFilm while searching for a free light box app. Even though the name and purpose of this app was to be able to look at negative images from a camera, I have found that using it as a light box to trace my sketches was the best one I could find.

The way it works is super simple, you open the app and you touch the little button to turn on the light. You also have a bar to move up or down to adjust the brightness. Thats it!


The one thing that bothers me about using an iPad as a light box, is when you rest your hand on it, the touch screen goes a little crazy and sometimes closes the app and then opens other things due to the multitouch gestures. I found that if you go into Settings>General>Turn OFF Multitasking Gestures, this turns off the ability to use four or five fingers to: pinch to the home screen, swipe up to reveal multitasking bar, and to swipe left or right between apps. Now that the gestures are turned off, resting your hand on the screen while tracing, will not give you anymore problems. Now just make sure the brightness is turned up all the way on the iPad and you are ready to trace!


I recommend this app for small artwork due to the screen size. Other then that, it’s free and extremely simple to use!

Only available on Apple iPad.


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